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The Best Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities in the Lake District


If you’re looking for something exciting to do in the Lake District with your family, then an outdoor adventure is an amazing option for getting some fresh air amongst amazing scenery.

We at Keswick Adventures can cater for children aged 7 and up, so our activities are brilliant for young kids, teenagers and adults alike. Here are our pick of some of the best outdoor activities for families.

1. Ghyll Scrambling

Child ghyll scrambling in the Lake District

The most popular of our outdoor activities, ghyll scrambling involves following a small river downhill over rocks, through pools, and down mini waterfalls. It’s great fun for all the family and poses just enough of a challenge without being too overwhelming.

If your family wants to take it a step further, canyoning is a similar but even bigger adventure!

2. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding on Derwentwater with Keswick Adventures

A lot of people think that paddle boarding is a case of stepping onto your board and pushing off with your paddle. But it’s not that easy! You’ll have to learn to get the balance just right and everyone’s bound to fall off at least once! That makes it a lot of fun and competitive siblings will want to see who can remain dry the longest.

Once you get your balance, though, paddle boarding is an amazingly tranquil way of seeing the sights of the Lake District. Whether you’re floating across Derwentwater or down one of the rivers around Keswick, you’re breath will be taken away by the beautiful scenery.

We can cater for groups of up to four paddle boarders: ideal for a small family!

3. Climbing

As the Lake District is the home of British climbing, it’s no surprise that this is such a popular sport in the area. Lots of climbers find a passion for the activity when they are young, so introducing it to your family during your holiday could lead to a life-long love for your children. Or it could just be a fun, one-off activity!

Either way, the Lake District offers lots of opportunities for all levels of climbing. Your family can learn the basic knots, how to safely climb and belay a partner, and basic techniques for making the most of this fun sport. Climbing’s not all about traversing tall, sheer cliffs, either. There are plenty of places to enjoy lower-level climbs or even indoor experiences so that even kids as young as 7 can take part!

4. Abseiling

This one’s great fun! From the top of a cliff, you’ll kit up with harness and ropes before descending. Much less technically challenging than climbing, abseiling is an absolute delight that will get your adrenaline pumping without lots of effort. It’s a great bonding activity, too, with all the family encouraging one another to take the first step over the edge!

Our canyoning adventures have lots of opportunities for abseiling.

5. Canoeing

Girl and mum canoeing in the Lake District

For a relaxing and peaceful outdoor activity with your family, nothing beats canoeing. This tranquil option sees you gliding over the waters at a relaxed page, giving you plenty of time to take in the wonderful Lake District scenery.

Because canoes are larger than kayaks, younger children can easily take part, keeping lookout while older siblings or adults do the paddling. Groups with older kids can work together to share the paddling and make sure they go straight and not in circles!

Find out more about our canoeing activities around Keswick.

6. Raft Building

Family raft building in the Lake District

Whether you’re a competitive family or just want to get everyone working together, raft building is a fantastically fun bonding activity. Split into teams to see who can build the best raft or work together to make a floating device.

The real test is when you get onto the water to see if your raft actually stays afloat! Whether you sink or float, raft building is a fun day out for both small and extended families.

7. Canoe & Camping Expedition

A campfire at Derwentwater

Give the kids an experience to remember with a canoeing and camping adventure. Reminiscent of childhood stories such as Swallows & Amazons and The Famous Five, this one will see your family getting back to nature, away from the gadgets and distractions of 21st century life.

Our own bespoke canoe & camping trips take you on to Lake District lakes and rivers for a relaxed paddle before setting up camp on the lakeshore overnight, pitching tents, cooking on a fire, and sleeping under the skies. It’s an adventure to help everyone appreciate the simpler things in life.

Find out more about our bespoke trips.

We think that the Lake District is the best place in the UK for a family-friendly outdoor adventure and, after your visit, we hope you feel the same!

For more details on our guided outdoor activities, see all of our adventures or get in touch to book yours now!

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