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Top 5 Adventure Activities When it’s Raining in the Lake District


If you’re visiting Keswick and the Lake District, you’ll want to have a list of things to do when it’s raining. The reason we have such lush greenery and gorgeous lakes and rivers is because we get quite a lot of rain, and there’s fortunately still plenty to do during wet weather.

Here are our top picks for our favourite adventure activities when it’s raining in the Lake District.

1. Ghyll Scrambling

Ghyll scrambling in the lake district in the rain

If you’re going to get wet anyway, you might as well get really wet! Of all our outdoor activitiesghyll scrambling is probably one of the best things to do after several days of rain. With lots of water in the ghyll, there’s loads of fun to be had. The waterfalls are faster, the sliding is more fun, and the excitement is at its peak!

2. Canyoning

Canyoning in the Lake District in the rain

Like ghyll scrambling, canyoning is best done in wet weather. More rain means higher water levels and so we can put up longer zip-lines, jump into more pools, and get a proper soaking! Those long dry, hot days are gorgeous, but here at Keswick Adventures we all get excited when it starts raining. We know it means that our next canyoning adventure is going to be even more amazing!

3. Climb the Mine

Man on rope bridge at Climb the Mine in the Lake District

Maybe you don’t fancy getting wet at all. Well, then Climb the Mine will be the wet-weather adventure activity for you! We’ll head deep down inside one of the mountains of Borrowdale and explore a part of Honister Slate Mine. Clambering along old miners’ routes and scaling the inside of a huge cavern, you’ll have a roof over your head at all times so you can get your adrenaline fix without being rained on.

4. Coasteering

Exploring caves during coasteering in the North East

Get ready for a day-long adventure: we’ll pick you up in Keswick before taking a trip over to the beautiful North East for a spot of coasteering. This is a wonderful outdoor activity where we guarantee you’ll be soaked as we pass through sea caves, jump off cliffs, and swim along the coast. You’ll barely notice the rain!

5. Hydrospeeding

Hydrospeeding in the North East in the rain

More rain means more water in the river, which means better rapids! Whether you do hydrospeeding with us in the North East or on the rivers around Keswick, get ready for an incredible wet-weather experience. Tuck yourself into your hydrospeed board and shoot off down the river and over the rapids!

You don’t have to stay inside when it rains. In fact, outdoor adventures can be just as fun in the rain as they are on a warm sunny day! Pick your favourite from all our activities and get in touch to book your Lake District adventure!

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