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The Best Adventure Activities in the Lake District for Teenagers


If you’re visiting the Lake District and Keswick with just teenagers, or with teenagers and younger children, then you’re probably looking for things to do that will keep everyone happy!

An adventure activity on the water is fun for all: from the extreme to the easy, there’s something that every teenager will love. Help them remember this family holiday forever with our favourite outdoor activities in the Lake District for teenagers.

1. Canyoning

Teenager canyoning with Keswick Adventures

You’ve heard of ghyll scrambling and gorge scrambling. Well, canyoning is just a little more extreme! If your teenager is looking for a bit more adrenaline from their Lake District stay, then this is the activity for them!

Find out more about canyoning.

2. Raft Building

Raft building is a great option if you want to either get your family working as a team, or if your teenagers have some competitive sibling rivalry to work out! With little more than wooden planks, empty barrels, and some strong rope, see who can make the best raft. The big test is when you get it out on the water to see if it actually floats! This is a great laugh for all ages and teenagers will especially love the competitive qualities and working out the best building method.

Take a look at our raft building adventure.

3. Paddle Boarding

Teenagers paddle boarding in the Lake District

There’s a reason that paddle boarding has grown so hugely in popularity over the last few years. It’s a really special experience to float across the water, especially when you’re surrounded by stunning Lake District scenery. Not only will all your cares and stresses melt away, but there’s a skill to it that makes it all more rewarding that you expect! If you find it easy to keep your balance, then we challenge you to try a headstand on the board and keep your balance that way!

Book paddle boarding with us.

4. Canoe & Camping Expedition

For a really immersive outdoor adventure for you and your teenager, then nothing beats a canoe and camping expedition. This two-day adventure is perfect for a family bonding experience and will give you memories to cherish forever. From setting off across the lake of Derwentwater, to pitching your tent, roasting marshmallows over a fire, and camping under the stars, this is a really special time. It’s also perfect for a small group of teenagers – friends who want to get away together for a peaceful holiday.

Get in touch to plan your bespoke canoe & camping expedition.

5. Kayaking

It’s the number one outdoor activity in the Lake District! Kayaking is a forever favourite for all ages. It’s attraction lies in how easy yet enjoyable it is, with a short introduction being all you need to get started. Your teenager might just want to try it the once, or they might fall in love and begin a new hobby that will last them the rest of the life. Whatever the result, nothing quite beats paddling across a Lake District lake surrounded by the craggy mountains!

Get more information about kayaking.

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