Take on wild and beautiful rapids with the No. 1 hydrospeeding provider in the Lake District!

Hydrospeeding is one for the thrill-seekers! Jump straight into the middle of the action with an activity that has been taking the outdoor adventure world by storm!

Hydrospeeding, or white water tubing, sees you speedily surfing your way down rapids while holding onto your hydrospeed board. It's a fast-paced and thrilling adventure, all run under the safe guidance of our experienced instructors!

We are proud to partner with our sister company, Hydrospeeding UK, for all our hydrospeeding adventures in the UK.


Call us on 07712 162088 to book your hydrospeeding adventure


£60 per person

Take on the wild and beautiful Lake District rapids with a hydrospeeding experience for all the family!

Hydrospeeds, also known as white-water sledges, are foam floats shaped perfectly so you can fit the top of your body snugly into them. Then, holding on tight, you negotiate the river!

We kit you out with wetsuit (keeping you cosy and warm), life jacket, helmet, and a hydrospeed. After a lesson in how to steer, stop and read the river, you will follow your instructor down the river, learning about duck-diving and surfing, rolling and spinning!

Even though we are based in the Lake District, we have hydrospeeding availability at a variety of different venues throughout the North of England. Find us a river with the right water level and we'll be there, kit and all!

Think you're up for it? Come and join us on this extreme action-packed experience!

  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Minimum group size: 2
  • We cater for groups, families and individuals
  • You will need a towel, shorts and a bathing costume. Footwear with laces is required to be worn
  • Wetsuits and quality safety equipment are provided
  • Price: £60 per person (group discounts may apply)
  • Length of activity: 3 - 4 hours depending on the size of the group

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