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Why an Outdoor Adventure is the Best Thing To Do in Keswick


So you’re visiting the Lake District and have chosen to stay in or near the gorgeous town that is Keswick. You can’t wait for your getaway and are looking for things to do in Keswick that will make your trip memorable.

One of the great things about the market town is the sheer number of things on offer: from cultural treats and mountain hikes to lake cruises and museums.

But there’s one type of activity that we think beats them all, and here’s why!

If you already know that an outdoor adventure is the best thing you can do in Keswick, take a look at what we have on offer now!

Fun for Your Whole Group

Family ghyll scrambling in the Lake District

Whether you’re travelling as part of a couple, a group of friends, or a family unit, outdoor activities are flexible and varied enough for everyone to enjoy. The most adventurous will relish the opportunity to get that adrenaline pumping in Commando Canyon. Or perhaps some of your party are a little more reserved and would prefer a gentle river or lake canoe?

If you’re looking for things to do with the kids, our outdoor activities are suitable for anyone from 7 upwards, and even the most difficult-to-please teenager will find it hard not to delight at the experience.

Your group size doesn’t matter, either! From small, intimate kayaking experiences to ghyll scrambling groups of up to 30, no one will be left behind!

Wet-Weather Activities

A group canyoning in a waterfall in the rain

Well, if your day’s agenda involves getting wet anyway, then what difference does a little rain make? In fact, some outdoor activities, like ghyll scrambling and canyoning are even BETTER in the rain, because the rivers are full and that means more splashing and more excitement!

Take in the Sights

Paddle boarding on Derwentwater in the Lake District

You might get some of the best views from the top of mountains – after a long hike – but you can’t beat sitting in the middle of Derwentwater, hearing the water slap against your boat or paddle board, and taking in 360 degree sites of Blencathra, the Newlands Valley, and Borrowdale . It really is breath-taking and you simply don’t get the same effect from the shore!

Break the Tension

Group raft building in the Lake District

If you’re holidaying in a group, you might find that tensions can rise and risk bubbling over. That’s the perfect time to find something to do that will break the tension, get everybody laughing, and relax you all. And yes, you guessed it, an outdoor adventure can be just perfect for that!

We’re personally a big fan of raft building for this. There’s a great competitive element that you could (if you wanted) use to settle any arguments. And if someone sinks once you take to the water? Well, who can stay mad when you’re having such a laugh?

Something Unique

Ghyll scrambling in the rain

How often do you get the chance to scale a mountainside cliffjump down a waterfall, or venture deep inside a mountain canyon? Unless you’re as lucky as our fantastic team, who do it on a daily basis, chances are that this is going to be a really unique experience. And that means a great opportunity for making incredible memories during your holiday.

Discover Where Keswick Got its Title

Kayaking on Derwentwater with Keswick Adventures

Keswick is known as the Adventure Capital of the Lake District. So, really, it would be rude not to find out why!

The town is perfectly placed for all things outdoors: it’s on the shores of Derwentwater, which offers opportunity for boating, paddle boarding and swimming; the mountains provide plenty of hiking and climbing; and the rivers and streams, over centuries, have carved out deep fissures to explore.

You’re truly spoiled for choice with outdoor adventures around Keswick. The only difficulty is choosing which ones to do!

So, whether you’re staying in Keswick or the surrounding area, are with a big group or just a couple, or are all adults or have children with you, an outdoor adventure really is the best thing to do during your stay! Book yours now.

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