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Keswick Adventures’ Round-Up of the Year (2020)


2020 has been quite the year, with our Lake District adventure activities put on hold twice due to the Coronavirus lockdowns.

Despite that, the year has been as busy as ever, with lots going on behind the scenes and in front of them. We thought we’d round off 2020 with a look at the amazing things that have happened this year, despite the odds. And a huge thank you to all our supporters and customers who have been with us on the way!

1. Release of Blockbuster Movie 1917

We kicked off the year with a premier of blockbuster movie 1917, directed by Sir Sam Mendes. It was a popular hit, praised by critics and audiences and winning multiple awards. We have a particular soft spot for the film because, not only is it fantastic to watch, we were involved with part of the filming. You can read all about it in our blog, Shooting 1917 on Location on the River Tees.

2. New Outdoor Adventure Activities

Paddle boarding on Derwentwater in the Lake District

We’ve always been proud of the number of outdoor adventure activities we can offer, thanks to our very talented team of instructors. This year we were able to add to this with kayaking and paddle boarding, both with the option of a river adventure or a lake adventure. Not only have they been great fun to do on a regular basis, they’ve become two of our most popular activities of 2020!

3. Started blog

We love being able to keep you up-to-date with our news and updates, as well as offering tips, advice and information on outdoor activities in the Lake District. We’ve done this for a long time on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but with our blog we can offer even more!

If you’ve got any ideas of what you’d like to see here, get in touch and let us know!

4. Introducing Skull Canyon

Canyoning waterfall with Keswick Adventures

After lots of hard work and planning, we opened our brand new canyoning location: Skull Canyon. More extreme than our ever-popular Commando Canyon adventure, Skull Canyon is in a secret location that only we know. That means we are able to offer our amazing customers a really unique experience in the Lake District.

5. Preparing for Commando Canyon

After the success of Skull Canyon, we got to work on another fantastic canyoning adventure, Commando Canyon. Though we weren’t able to open before the second lockdown hit, we’re very excited to get going in 2021. Commando Canyon is in Cumbria’s spectacular Eden Valley to the east of the Lake District.

6. New booking system

Booking your next adventure should be straightforward and so we partnered with the fantastic Fareharbor so that we could take online bookings for a number of our activities. That means that your favourite adventure is now just a few clicks away! It also allows us to now sell gift vouchers online and we will be adding this option to even more activities in 2021. Remember, though, we’re still at the other end of a phone or an email if you need to get in touch to ask us anything.

7. A Record-Breaking Summer

A woman kayaking in the sun

This summer was our biggest ever, with everyone celebrating the lifting of the first lockdown by travelling to beautiful areas. Many of you who headed to the Lake District were keen to get out on your own adventure and joined us on the lake, down ghylls, up mountains, and in caves. We barely stopped, but we didn’t want to!

8. Travellers Choice Award from TripAdvisor

The best testament to our adventures is what you, our customers, think, and whether you enjoy your time with us. It’s always an honour, then, to receive an award from TripAdvisor for excellent experiences and fantastic reviews. According to TripAdvisor, the Travellers Choice Award is given to the ‘best of the best’ and ‘the most memorable trips’.

9. UNIT 7 – Film & TV Remote Location Safety

Keswick Adventures setting safety for the waterfall scene in 1917

We rounded off the year by launching our newest service, UNIT 7: Film & TV Remote Location Safety. Specialising in remote location support, we can support film crews shooting scenes in difficult terrain and unusual locations.

10. Secret Goings On

We don’t want to tease, but there have also been other exciting things going on that we can’t talk about just yet. Watch this space for future updates and even more exciting news!

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