Film & TV Remote Location Safety


Through UNIT 7, part of Keswick Adventures, we are proud to be able to offer on-location safety support to film and TV crews shooting in remote locations and on mountain terrain.

Working in the UK and abroad, our team of qualified and experienced experts, along with our top-of-the-range equipment, means that UNIT 7 can offer you a range of safety support for your shoot.

Specialising in support in remote locations and on difficult terrain, we can assist with your shoot in a range of landscapes including mountain, water, canyons, gorges, rapids, and more.

We are able to provide consultation services, logistics, support during filming, and relevant safety equipment.

Our Services

UNIT 7 offers the following services and more:

  • Rope safety
  • Water safety and rescue
  • Mountain terrain safety and rescue
  • Working at height
  • Location consultation
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety advice
  • Location recce
  • Technical recce
  • On set safety
  • Remote location safety support
  • Safety equipment

So, whether you know exactly what you need or require our expertise and support to figure out logistics, we will be very happy to discuss your requirements. Our service is completely bespoke to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Read about our work with Sir Sam Mendes shooting the award-winning film 1917 on location on the River Tees.

Please get in touch on or call 07712 162088.