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Your Top 5 Outdoor Adventure Activities of 2020


See our updated list of your top 5 outdoor adventure activities of 2021.

We’ve got a huge range of outdoor adventure activities available from our base in Keswick, the Lake District, but there are always those that stand out as the favourites amongst our visitors. We’ve looked at the top choices of 2020: are these ones on your bucket list yet?

5. Kayaking

In 5th place on our list is an activity that was new to Keswick Adventures for 2020: kayaking. One of the most popular activities amongst Lake District visitors throughout the year, kayaking is a great way to get out onto the water and take in the stupendous scenery. Our sit-on kayaks are suitable for ages 10 up, and are great for a family day out. Find out more.

4. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding on Derwentwater

Another new activity for 2020, paddle boarding was always going to be a big success! The sport has been growing in popularity for years, so we were delighted when we were able to offer it as one of our Lake District adventures. It seems like you loved it, too, with our river and lake paddle boarding giving you a choice of activity! Find out more.

3. Canyoning

With the opening of secret Skull Canyon, more adventures in the ever popular Commando Canyon, and promises of a third canyoning adventure in the Eden Valley, we know what you like! We took so many people down waterfalls, across rocky ledges and through splash pools this year and we loved every moment of it! From those who dove right in to others who bravely faced their fears, a canyoning adventure is a rewarding experience for everyone involved! Find out more.

2. Via Ferrata Extreme

Last week, ITV broadcast a special Lake District episode of ‘For the Love of Britain’, which saw presenter and international adventurer Ben Fogle take on the Via Ferrata Extreme at Honister Slate Mine. The presenter loved it, as did many of you when you braved it for yourselves! Following the old miners’ path up the side of a mountain, you traverse cliff faces, balance over a sky-high rope bridge, and even dangle over the fell on a cargo net! It’s an adrenaline-inducing adventure that you’ll never forget!

1. Ghyll Scrambling

Person ghyll scrambling in the Lake District

Leading the way as your favourite outdoor adventure activity of 2020 is, of course, ghyll scrambling. This fantastic activity always come out on top because it’s a lot of fun and suitable for a whole range of ages and abilities. From young families to large groups, we’ve enjoyed Stoney Ghyll so much this year, and we’ve no doubt that its popularity will continue into 2021! Find out more.

What was your favourite outdoor adventure of 2020? Share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram. And, if you’re planning ahead for 2021, why not book an adventure now?

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