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Helen Skelton’s and Dan Walker’s Hydrospeeding Adventure

Helen Skelton’s and Dan Walker’s Hydrospeeding Adventure

Have you been watchingDan and Helen's Pennine Adventure on Channel 5?

The two British presenters have been travelling through England along the Pennines - the 'backbone of England' - and enjoying some adventurous activities as they go. The journey takes them from Sheffield - where Dan lives - all the way into Cumbria, Helen's home.

Hydrospeeding in the North East

As part of the filming, we were lucky enough to meet Helen and Dan and take them out on the rapids of the River Tees, where we introduced them to hydrospeeding. The adrenaline-pumping activity sees you rushing down the river holding onto a foam hydrospeed float. It's an invigorating adventure that really gets your heart racing.

Dan and Helen took on the challenge like absolute pros, with Helen stating that she "couldn't stop laughing the whole way" down the rapids. It sounds as though they had as much fun as we did!

Just after filming, Lee, hydrospeeding guide and owner of Keswick Adventures, said "I feel honoured to have had the pleasure to be in the company of two lovely people today: Dan Walker and Helen Skelton. Sharing stories and laughter over lunch ahead of something awesome."

Dan Walker and Helen Skelton

Dan and Helen are two well-known faces on our TVs. Though both have far-reaching and impressive careers, you may know Dan best from Football Focus and Helen from Countryfile and Blue Peter. As a 'local lass', Helen is a special favourite of us Cumbrians. She was born in Carlisle, brought up on a dairy farm in Kirkby Thore and graduated from Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

Helen is also an avid adventurer. She has completed three marathons and an ultra marathon, become a Guinness World Record holder for kayaking the Amazon, and become the first person to reach the South Pole on a bicycle! That's our kind of person!

Dan and Helen's Pennine Adventure

Dan and Helen's Pennine Adventure first aired on Channel 5 on Tuesday 15th August 2023, with the first episode following the two as they cycle along Snake Pass and canoe along Standedge. There are four episodes in total, with our hydrospeeding adventure featuring in the final episode, aired on Tuesday 5th September 2023. We'd love to hear if you've watched it and what you think!

Hydrospeeding on the River Tees

Are you inspired to give hydrospeeding a go yourself? Our adventure takes place in Barnard Castle in the North East.

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