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Behind the Scenes of The Witcher


Like many enthusiastic fans, we were very excited to see The Witcher back on our screens as Season 3 launched on Netflix.

As part of our sister company, UNIT 7 Safety, we were once again behind the scenes for Season 3 to support the production team with steep-ground and water safety. It was an amazing experience, and seeing some of our work - with actors and stunt performers up close - translated onto the small screen has been incredible. Knowing the hard work and dedication that has gone into it makes the series all the more enjoyable.

With UNIT 7 Safety, we were also on set of Season 2, which was filmed partly in the Lake District and across the North of England. We were involved with shooting on the River Tees in the North Pennines, a place we know well because it's the location of our hydrospeeding adventures.

Safety on Set

Our work on the Season 3 shoot has been varied and taken us to a number of locations, including hillsides, rivers and waterfalls. We've also shot during the evening as the light was fading, which brings its own individual challenges, and have had the honour of working with some of the finest talent in the industry.

Filming The Witcher on the River Tees

Filming The Witcher on the River Tees

Lee, owner of Keswick Adventures, was on set with members of the UNIT 7 Safety team. “It was awesome to be involved even in a small part of such a big and exciting project,” he commented. “As outdoor activity providers, we usually take people out for leisure adventures, but our outdoor skills and knowledge of the area are invaluable on a show like this. We’re receiving more and more requests to support this kind of work.”

The UNIT 7 Safety team on set of The Witcher

The UNIT 7 Safety team on set of The Witcher

Other Filming Work

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked on such projects either. With Unit 7 Safety, the remote location safety branch of Keswick Adventures, we’ve been involved in a number of big filming projects, including the Oscar-award winning blockbuster 1917.

The Witcher follows the titular character, a monster-hunter for hire struggling to find his place in a vicious world. Seasons 2 and 3 see him joined by ward and protégé Ciri; love-interest and powerful sorceress Yennefer; and bard Jaskier.

Superman actor Henry Cavill has played the main character so far, though Season 3 is set to be his final time in the role.

Season 2 in the Lake District

During Season 2, Cavill spent a number of weeks filming in the North Pennines, Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. He even took to his Instagram account to gush about the Lakes, which he said had become one of his “top 3 favourite places in the world”. And we know exactly why!

You might spot several Lake District locations in the show. Look out for Cathedral Cave in Langdale and Hodge Close Quarry near Coniston.

Keswick Adventures assists with stunts on set of The Witcher

At the River Tees on Season 2 of The Witcher

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