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An Extreme Canyoning Adventure in Skull Canyon!


We’ve spent months preparing for it, but we’re delighted to announce that pre-bookings are now available for canyoning in Skull Canyon in the Lake District!

Starting from September 2020, we will be taking groups on a unique adventure down this new open and slot adventure canyon that is used exclusively by Keswick Adventures!

What is Canyoning?

Canyoning is an extreme version of ghyll scrambling. We follow the river over rocks, down waterfalls, and through deep gorges. With the help of ropes, zip wires, harnesses and, of course, our fantastically talented team, you’ll be introduced to a previously unexplored open and slot canyon in a completely secret location!

What’s special about Skull Canyon?

There are a lot of amazing canyoning locations across the Lake District and, with the sport being so popular, there are a lot of people in those places. One of the great things about Skull Canyon is that it’s completely unique to Keswick Adventures – there are no other activity providers using it, which means you’ll get an experience with us that you can’t get anywhere else or with any other group.

On top of that, this particular canyon has lots to offer the intrepid adventurer! You’ll get your usual dips in pools, zip wiring, and abseiling, but everything’s on a much larger scale than ever before! Think 18-metre drops alongside beautiful waterfalls, incredible views and multiple abseils…

That means bigger descents, longer zip wires and one huge adventure!

Preparing your adventure

Canyoning down a waterfall in the Lake District

Our dedicated team of outdoor activity leaders have spent the last few months doing dozens of runs through the canyon to make sure that everything is safe and fun before we open to the public. As well as finding a suitable route that is both enjoyable and doable, we’ve checked the water levels following changing weather, found any potential dangers and worked out how to minimise risk, figured out what equipment we’ll need, identified how we can get groups of up to 30 down the ghyll, and, importantly, discovered the best places for those token photos!

As well as our thorough assessment and preparation of the canyon, we only use the best outdoor safety equipment. That means you get the warmest and most durable Seland canyoning wetsuits and Adidas canyoning boots, the highest quality helmets, and the best ropes and harnesses available. You’ll also be provided with a canyoning bag, drink, and chocolate to take along to keep your energy up!

Who can take part?

Skull Canyon is an adult-only adventure and you must be 18 or over to take part. You should also have a good level of fitness for the activity itself and for the hike to our starting point, which is quite strenuous and takes approximately 40 minutes.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch with your questions, or take a look at our less strenuous canyoning and ghyll scrambling activities.

How to Book

Adventures in Skull Canyon will start taking place from September 2020 and pre-booking is now open! Find out more about our canyoning adventures and get in touch to book your place!

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