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The Lake District truly is a playground of outdoor activities. From high up on (and above!) the mountains to deep below the water and in the depths of the fells, there’s something to suit every adventurous taste.

Pioneers of Outdoor Adventure

For many years, the Lake District has been the go-to place for anyone who wanted to get out in the...

The Lake District truly is a playground of outdoor activities. From high up on (and above!) the mountains to deep below the water and in the depths of the fells, there’s something to suit every adventurous taste.

Pioneers of Outdoor Adventure

For many years, the Lake District has been the go-to place for anyone who wanted to get out in the great outdoors to admire the beautiful scenery. Pioneers of rock climbing made record breaking achievements in the national park. And it draws, to this day, those who want to test themselves in the landscape.

Fortunately, you no longer have to scale cliff faces without ropes, or sail the waters with only the most basic equipment. Outdoor adventure activities are now accessible to almost everyone thanks to an improved understanding of the landscape and an increased focus on safety. Adults and children alike can slide down river ghylls, ascend rocky mountains, or glide across the water. All the while, you can be fully assured that they’re in the safest of hands.

Gently Does It or Full Throttle?

Thanks to its varied landscape, the Lake District - and particularly the area around Keswick and the Newlands Valley - has all sorts to offer when it comes to getting out and about. If you’re a little nervous, a relaxing paddle board or gentle canoe trip could be perfect. If you’re after a bit more adrenaline, then perhaps you should go canyoning down a mountain river.

Whatever your tastes, abilities, or age, we at Keswick Adventures are delighted to be able to welcome you to the England’s Adventure Capital and to show you the ropes in a safe and fun way. You can browse our outdoor activities now to find out more and book your place, or continue reading below.

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