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9 Amazing Outdoor Team Building Activity Ideas


What could be better for a team building activity day than getting outdoors in the beautiful Lake District and Cumbria, where we have so much open space as well as the water and the hills? The landscape offers a lot of opportunities for out-of-the-ordinary team days out, as well as more traditional corporate activities.

At Keswick Adventures, we’re proud to be provide a good choice of corporate group activities in the Lake District and Cumbria and today we’re showing off some of our favourites. Remember that we can run activities at your location or from our own HQ near Keswick. Get in touch for a bespoke experience day that your team will never forget!

1. Military Stealth

If your team is up for a unique and challenging team building day, then find out more about our Military Stealth days. They'll be pushed to the max and be forced to work together while they zip wire from sheer cliffs, cross rope bridges over raging rivers, and hike through beautiful yet tough terrain.

Get away from your whiteboards and flipcharts and choose a team day that's out of the ordinary.

Military Stealth Days

2. Zip-wire or Abseil from Your Building

Let us come to you for something special: we can set up a zip-wire and/or abseiling from your own office building for a fun staff day out that you’ll never forget! Not only is this an unusual and exciting thing to do, your team members will appreciate the break from day-to-day work and the additional adrenaline will have them raring to go when they return! It’s also a great way for them to overcome fears and to – literally – take a leap of faith!

3. Corporate Camping

Camping by Derwentwater in the Lake District

If you want to give your team plenty of time to bond and work together, then our corporate camping trips offer an overnight option that will give everyone extra time to get to know one another. Relax and unwind together, away from the stresses of the office, as you roast marshmallows on a camp fire and enjoy a couple of beers. Mix that in with one or two adventure activities, and you’ve got a team building adventure that really stands out!

4. Bushcraft & Survival Skills

How well does your team work together under pressure? Find out with a bushcraft and survival skills course that will teach them how to team up and succeed when the stakes are really high! They’ll learn how to adapt to the great outdoors and use nature’s natural resources to create a fire, eat, and build a shelter. Even for the most indoors-y work, the skills learned during this experience will help your team to remain calm and level-headed under pressure.

5. Archery

The twang of the bow as it shoots an arrow offers a great feeling of release, which will mimic the stress-relief that your staff members will feel on this activity day! Archery is a great option for both the competitive and the non-competitive. You can measure your skills against your colleagues or simply enjoy the whoosh and thwack of the sport.

6. Raft Building

Group raft building in the Lake District

Raft building is an exciting and fun team building activity that involves teamwork, problem solving and a healthy dose of competition! Split into teams and start with the basic materials to create a raft. Group members must then work together to create a craft that they can launch onto the water and that will – vitally – float with them on it! Otherwise, they’re going to get very wet…

This is an all-rounder corporate outdoor activity that can help bring quieter people out of their shells and encourage more exuberant characters to work effectively with their colleagues.

7. Mindfulness Activities

Mental health is hugely important in the workplace and in life. To ensure your staff don’t feel run down, it’s vital to offer them the opportunity to relax and our basic yoga activity day provides the perfect introduction to meditation and gentle stretching. Help your team rediscover their focus, take time for themselves, and enjoy a relaxing day away from work. Our yoga sessions can take place in a quiet outdoor space in the Lake District or in any suitable available indoor space.

8. Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing in the Lake District

Take advantage of our location in the Lake District by getting your team onto the water of the lakes and rivers, or even on the sea! Canoeing and kayaking are some of the most popular outdoor activities in the region and will be well appreciated by your team. Choose from a relaxing day floating through the stunning countryside, or add a more competitive edge with water challenges that your team will need to solve.

9. Ghyll Scrambling and Canyoning

If you simply want to give your team a day out of the office where they can have fun, let loose, and spend some quality time with their colleagues, then ghyll scrambling or canyoning could be just the ticket. Taking place in some of the best scenery of the Lake District, the group will follow our experienced instructors down the river, through gorges, over waterfalls, and down zip-wires. We’ll provide them with all the best safety equipment and guide them the whole way so that they have an exciting yet safe corporate experience day.

Corporate team building days don’t have to be all white boards and trust falls. Get in touch with us today and talk about our bespoke corporate adventure days across Cumbria and the Lake District.

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