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Keswick Adventures Blog

News and information about our activities and the local area

9 Exciting Outdoor Activities near Keswick


Keswick is known as the Adventure Capital of the Lake District because it’s the perfect place to take on a number of outdoor activities! Sitting as it does on the lake of Derwentwater, surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, you can practically taste the adrenaline in the air!

We love being able to get outdoors on a regular basis, and here are some of our favourite outdoor activities that you can do in and around Keswick.

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1. Ghyll Scrambling

Child ghyll scrambling in the Lake District

Ghyll scrambling is the quintessential outdoor adventure activity! Following a river up or down a mountain, you can experience everything from sliding down waterfalls, jumping into crystal clear pools, and scrambling over rocks. It’s an amazing amount of fun and suitable for all confidence levels. It’s the perfect wet-weather activity, too, because you’re going to be wet anyway!

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2. Canyoning

Woman canyoning with Keswick Adventures in the Lake District

Canyoning is the extreme version of ghyll scrambling! You’ll still scramble, slide and swim down a Lake District river, but with canyoning you’ve got other invigorating challenges, too, including abseiling down waterfalls and riding on a zip-wire down steep, watery descents. This is the perfect activity if you’re confident in the water, have loved ghyll scrambling in the past, and are seeking a more challenging outdoor adventure.

Take a look at our canyoning activity.

3. Walking

If you’re visiting Keswick, then there’s a good chance your planning to get in a good amount of walking, an we don’t blame you! From riverside strolls and gentle lakeside ambles, to family-friendly fells and Lake District giants like Skiddaw, there’s plenty to choose from! Keswick also has two wonderful parks that are perfect for a post-dinner walk, or simply enjoy a wander around the pretty town itself!

4. Kayaking

Kayaking in the Lake District with Keswick Adventures

Picture this: it’s a sunny summer’s day with blue skies, crystal clear waters, and a gentle breeze ruffling your hair. This blissful scene is ideal for heading out onto a beautiful lake or river and taking in the scenery as you gently float across the water!

Kayaking is a lovely, relaxing experience that gives you a different view of familiar surroundings. There’s nothing quite as tranquil as hearing the gentle whoosh of your paddle dipping in and out of the water, or the waves gently lapping against your boat.

Book your own kayaking adventure around stunning Keswick.

5. Climbing

Keswick Adventures climbing instructor

The Lake District is thought to be the birthplace of British climbing, and it’s not hard to see why with its dramatic crags and rocky outcrops! Thousand of enthusiastic climbers flock to the national park every year to take on bouldering (climbing without ropes) and all levels of rock climbing routes, from the gentle to the extreme.

This is a fantastic activity for all ages, with young children enjoying it as much as the adults. The area around Keswick is perfect for this activity, too, thanks to it having plenty of options for everyone from absolute beginners to experts.

6. Abseiling

Woman abseiling down cliff in the Lake District

The sister activity of rock climbing, abseiling does the opposite, where you glide down a rock face instead of climbing up it! Secured in with an anchor point, you’ll hop off the top of a sheer drop and work your way down a drop, with a partner safely belaying you from the top.

Abseiling is a great option if you’re interested in adding more adrenaline to your life but want a gentle option to ease in to. It’s also fantastic if you’ve got a head for heights and love to feel the thrill of the ground reaching up to meet you. Whether you’re abseiling down a dry cliff or a tumbling waterfall, this is an amazing experience!

You can enjoy lots of abseiling whilst canyoning with us!

7. Camping

Camping in the Lake District with Keswick Adventures

Is there any better way of getting back to nature than a night under canvas? We don’t think so! There’s nothing quite like spending a day in the mountains and around the lakes and then roasting marshmallows around a campfire before snuggling up into your sleeping bag. Then wake up the next morning to the smell of fresh air and a tasty cooked breakfast.

Camping is perfect for resetting your inner clock, leaving the stresses of everyday life behind, and taking dedicated time for you and your loved ones.

Get back to basics with one of our canoeing and camping expeditions.

8. Swimming

On those hot summer days, it’s really tempting to jump into the cool waters of Derwentwater or the River Greta, both in Keswick. And why not!? Both are popular activities for locals and visitors alike, with Derwentwater being a particular favourite amongst regular wild swimmers.

A wetsuit is usually advised, especially if you’re not acclimatised to the water, but during the summer and if you’re only staying by the shore, it’s possible to take a dip in only your swimming costume.

9. Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata infinity bridge in the Lake District

This is an adventure that’s for those with a head for heights! Just a short drive from Keswick, in the stunning Borrowdale valley, Honister Slate Mine’s Via Ferrata follows the old miner’s path. Safely strapped on, you’ll make your way along the mountainside, traversing sheer drops, a swinging rope bridge, and a cargo net that dangles over the mountain. It’s a thrilling adventure with an incredible reward when you reach the top: panoramic Lake District views!

Are you ready to get that adrenaline pumping? Browse our selection of outdoor activities and get in touch now to book your next Lake District adventure!

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